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Refugee and FDPs Solutions

A.I. Forte’s Solutions

Digital Identity Individuals to access and use their own ID and proof of personhood via biometrically verified (fingerprints, facial recognition, iris scan, etc.) blockchain encrypted, and cloud secured access points.
In addition to having access to opportunities, being onboarded to A.I. Forte’s Digital ID platform can help protect vulnerable populations from human trafficking and abuse.
Database Management to offer storage and verification of personal (medical, educational, legal, personal etc.) documentation in A.I. Forte's blockchain encrypted, cloud based, “anytime/anywhere” accessible system.
Telemedicine Platform provides humanitarian agencies and FDPs with access to global health professionals and experts.

Challenges facing Aid Agencies today:

●Forcibly Displaced Persons (FDPs) populations are expected to grow from 70 to 300 million within 10 years.

●Today’s over-burdened FDP support systems lack modern digital identity validation for access to personal information (e.g. Medical info EMR - EHR). 

●FDPs are unable to access their data or may lose it. Lack of continuity from camp to camp or country to country. 

●Lack of integration with wider e-health infrastructure, professional development systems, and entrepreneurial platforms.

Refugees and Human Trafficking

●Human trafficking is thought to be one of the fastest growing activities of trans national criminal organizations.

●According to the International Center for Migration Policy Development, the Trafficking Along Migration Routes (TRAM), and the International Bureau for Children's Rights, trafficking and exploitation are a major cause of concern for FDPs and refugees.

●Research published by the above mentioned organizations, the number of identified victims remains extremely low. This is primarily due to a lack of adequate investment in identifying and assisting victims, including children especially in the first reception and asylum systems for new arrivals

●The International Labor Organization (ILO), estimates that forced labor alone (one component of human trafficking) generates an estimated $150 billion in profits per annum.

●Research also indicates that illegal organ trade is on the rise, estimating that the illegal organ trade generates profits between $600 million and $1.2 billion per year.