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A.I. Forte deploys a low cost EHR (based on our proprietary eHealthWay Platform) Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This system is stored and accessed via secure cloud servers and is delivered to doctors, nurses and other care providers by a browser based mobile platform. Our Platform is based on real implementation across multiple jurisdictions in Canada and the United States.

 9 Benefits of the eHealthWay Platform

















Improve the quality, safety, accessibility and timeliness of care .


Improve the efficiency of the healthcare system and reduce costly duplication.


Achieve standards based solution allowing interoperability.


eHealthWay adopts a benefits-driven approach for designing and delivering programs. We align services to deliver exactly what you want, with meaningful measurements of value and outcome.


eHealthWay takes a long-term view of service levels within the health industry, because healthcare organizations need to make sure that systems improve their processes and deliver reliable, consistent and scalable healthcare.


Support more informed healthcare decision making, research and management.


Maximize return on IT investments.


 eHealthWay focuses on connecting the silos and facilitating the orchestration of care.


eHealthWay achieves global reach with local responsiveness by collaborating – sharing best practices.


A.I. Forte Healthcare Solutions

KEY Technologies

Our Electronic Medical Record system offers a digital version of traditional paper records. These e-records contain all a patient’s medical history including both diagnostics and treatments. These EMRs allow for longitudinal data tracking, automatic notification for patients when they are due for check-up or follow-ups, monitoring of parameters, a patient can log on to his own record, and ultimately improve overall quality of care for the patient. 

Electronic Medical Record System (ERM)

A Customer Relationship Management solution is a technology that has one main goal: to improve business relationships. It manages all of a company’s relationships and interactions with customers. A.I. Fort's CRM integrate with and collects critical information across sales, service, and marketing to build better client relationships.

Customer Relationship Management Solution (CRM)

Our Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Healthcare works by measuring operational performance through key information metrics. These metrics are then passed onto relevant decision makers to be used for analytics, statistics, budgeting, requisitions, and other customizable areas of managerial interest. Immediate benefits include: lower operational costs, higher profitability, greater efficiency through inter-departmental integration, effective supply chain management and support of human resources.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)

A.I. Forte utilizes cutting edge applications of block-chain and bio metrics in order to both secure and verify sensitive information. 

Security and Privacy